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 Article: Why dancers struggle with timing and musicality

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PostSubject: Article: Why dancers struggle with timing and musicality   Thu Apr 12, 2007 10:27 pm

Why dancers struggle with timing and musicality
By Azucena Perez

"Ever since we developed Salsa Grooves we have received many success
stories from Salsa Grooves users from all over the World. Not only
from instructors who want to effectively teach timing and rhythm, but
also from students who use it to practice dancing on time as well as
develop a clear understanding of salsa rhythms.

As dance instructors we have found that one of the main challenges
Salsa dancers face is that of staying on time. Most people can quickly
learn patterns, footwork, and even spinning, but for some reason
timing is one that even advanced dancers struggle with. Part of this
phenomenon is related to the fact that timing is learned through our
auditory sense, not through our visual sense, as it is the case with
patterns and footwork. Many dancers follow primarily two types of
learning styles: kinesthetic and visual..."

Read the full article at:,en/

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Article: Why dancers struggle with timing and musicality
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