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 Musicality & Rhythm workshop, Sat 16 Jun, by Two Left Fe

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PostSubject: Musicality & Rhythm workshop, Sat 16 Jun, by Two Left Fe   Wed Jun 13, 2007 2:58 am

Hi folks!

Do you have trouble finding the "one" beat in Salsa? Can't tell the
"one" and the "five" beat apart?

If you have trouble hearing the beat in Salsa, don't worry. Lots of
people do. The trick is to know what to look out for in the music, to
help you find the "one".

Our Musicality & Rhythm workshop is designed to help you do just that.
In this two-hour workshop, you'll discover the secrets of finding the
beat to any song, and staying on beat. Learn how you can use the
percussion instruments and melodic structures to identify the rhythm
of any salsa tune. Understand the difference between songs that "sound
more on 1" and songs that "sound more on 2", and even the trickier
salsa rhythms that come from Cuba.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced dancer, this class will help
you to better appreciate the intricacies of salsa music and become a
better lead or follow.

Here are the details:
What: Musicality & Rhythm workshop
When: Sat 16 Jun '07
Time: 630p to 830p
Fee: $40

Do note that this is a one-off, 2-hr workshop.

For more details, please visit

To register, please visit

Thanks everyone!

Two Left Feet

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Musicality & Rhythm workshop, Sat 16 Jun, by Two Left Fe
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