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 Rock 'N' Rip Workshop changed to Afro-Jazz @ Groove

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PostSubject: Rock 'N' Rip Workshop changed to Afro-Jazz @ Groove   Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:29 pm

Dear Groovers & Groovettes,

Please note that Bill’s Rock ‘N’ Rip Workshop originally scheduled for Saturday, 28th July 2007 has now been changed to AFRO-JAZZ!

More details here:

Dance Workshops by Dancefloor Judge, Bill Calhoun (Changed by POPULAR DEMAND!!)

Details are as follows:

Wednesday, 25th July 2007
Soft ‘N’ Sexy
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Saturday, 28th July 2007
Afro Jazz (changed due to popular demand!!)
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Course Description:

"Soft-N-Sexy" - A lyrical dance-based class utilizing pop music hits from the slow and sexy genre. Slow songs from Maria Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Tata Young, and Pussy Cat Dolls, to name a few are used with supple, sexy, undulating choreography to lend an entirely different approach to sweaty and sexy. An ideal class for women and men who want to show there sexy seductive stuff (emphasis is on muscle lengthening, balancing, and sustaining contractions). The class is geared towards the beginner-intermediate level and will offer a different syllabus from previous workshops/ courses.

"Afro-Jazz" - A unique blend of African/ Caribbean undulations, hip-thrusts, body-rolls, jumps and contractions…with a spice of Jazz. Afro-Jazz is a familiar style within the modern dance companies of New York and San Francisco. The class is danced barefooted and uses strong drum beats.

*Note: The duration of all workshops is 1 x 2 hours

Price List:

One Workshop
$70.00/ pax

Two Workshops
$120.00/ pax

To register for these workshops, please click

More updates on upcoming events & workshops may be found


Groove Dance School

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Rock 'N' Rip Workshop changed to Afro-Jazz @ Groove
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