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 EN MOTION Proudly Presents SOL of SALSA

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PostSubject: EN MOTION Proudly Presents SOL of SALSA   Sat Aug 11, 2007 5:41 pm

"Having seen Sol dance solo, in a team and socially with ladies, what struck me is his technical skill, poise, control and mesmerizing quality. He has incredible flexibility in body movement control, to see him in solo performance and shines, its sheer poetry in motion. ”

“An inspirational dancer and teacher who gives an indescribable feeling of joy when you dance with him!”

These are just some of the many raving reviews of dancers who have watched, danced and been captivated by this extraordinary dancer.

Sol, who is known as the one of the best salsa dancers in Korea, started salsa in 2000 in Busan with his amazing talents and background in dance.

An extremely competent ballet dancer, he performed with Busan Contemporary Ballet company for 2 years. In his pursuit to ever improve himself, his love for dance brought him to study Afro Dance, Samba and Capoeira in “Danca Do Bahia”, Brazil and Tango in the national tango school in Buenos Aires. These experiences have added to his strong background in dance which has translated to him being a captivating dancer, teacher and performer, be it on the dance floor or on stage.

The winner of the salsa competition in Taupo Latin Festival, he was also the choreographer for salsa dance group “Dancing Island” as well as the leading dancer and choreographer for Latin Orquestra Cobana.
He was invited to perform during the prestigious 2002 World Cup in Korea and had also performed for major events and congresses in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. Well-respected for his achievements and warm personality, he has taught in Korea, Tokyo and Auckland. He is currently teaching salsa in Taiwan and is the founder of Sol y Amigos dance troupe.

By infusing elements from various forms of dance into his salsa, he never fails to innovate and surprise while remaining true to the Afro spirit in Salsa. He is a dancer and teacher not to be missed!

Fri, 7 Sep 7 pm – 8 pm Bachata A (Intermediate)
Sat, 8 Sep 1 pm – 2 pm On 1 Partnerwork (Intermediate)
  2.30 pm – 3.30 pm On 1 Partnerwork (Advanced)
  4 pm – 5 pm Spinning Technique
  5.30 pm – 6.30 pm Brasil Samba
Sun, 9 Sep 1 pm – 2 pm Body Movement (Open Class)
  2.30 pm – 3.30 pm Afro Moves for Salsa
  4 pm – 5 pm Cuban Cha Cha
Tues, 11 Sep 7 pm – 8 pm Shines & Styling (Intermediate)
  8 pm – 9pm Shines & Styling (Advanced)
Wed, 12 Sep 7 pm – 8 pm Bachata B (Intermediate)
  8 pm – 9 pm Bachata (Advanced)

With his strong background in various forms of dance, Sol will bring about refreshing and exciting elements to the

With his strong background in various forms of dance, Sol will bring about refreshing and exciting elements to the classes while keeping to the spirit of salsa.

Afro Moves for Salsa
Catch the increasingly popular afro movement wave in salsa with this class that fuses Cuban Rumba and and other African dances to produce hot moves for your Salsa dancing!

Sol had prepared for the Singapore Bachata Lovers, 2 sets of Intermediate Bachata Routines with loads of sexy and sensual styling. Learn new ideas for this sensual dance and watch Bachata meet Tango as he infuses sexy Tango moves in the Advanced class!

Brasil Samba
Known for its energetic and fiery movements, Sol has his very own training of Brasil Samba at non other than the land of Samba, BRAZIL.
Do not miss the rare opportunity to learn the rawest, original form of Brasil Samba right here at En Motion!

Body Movement
Famed for his body movements in dance, learn how to control and use your body movements to create smoother and unique movements while dancing.

Cuban Cha Cha
Enjoy and learn the Cuban Cha Cha in a class that promises to be filled with fun and challenging moves with interesting Hand Styling introduce for the Cuban Style Cha Cha Cha

On 1 Partnerwork
Add a further touch of style to your routine with the stylish moves in the On 1 Partnerwork classes. Catch the addition of CAPOEIRA tricks into the Advanced classes for ideas to spice up your moves on the dance floor.

Spinning Techniques
A class that goes not only into spinning techniques, but also how to spin with style! Proper technic on improving spins and also styling when spinning will be shared in this workshop

Shines & Styling
A dancer who has never failed to captivate audiences with his style on the dance floor, the shines and styling classes are definitely not to be missed!


Per Workshop: $35


Sign up for more classes to enjoy great discounts!

Sign up for Any 3 classes for $100

Sign up for Any 5 classes for $165

Sign up for Any 7 classes for $230

Members of Dance En Motion will receive 10% discount OFF all classes and packages

For further queries, registration or private class, please contact:

Catherine ( / 9694 0647)

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EN MOTION Proudly Presents SOL of SALSA
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