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 SISF Chalet Room Arrangements (If you booked under Dan/JH)

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PostSubject: SISF Chalet Room Arrangements (If you booked under Dan/JH)   Thu Oct 18, 2007 2:16 pm

Dear all,

*Pls do not reply to this post so that everyone can see this first and final post =)*

This is for ppl who have booked/shared rooms under Danielle or Jing Hui's name. Anouncing the Room Sleeping arrangements....

I must say that when me and Jinghui helped to arrange this. We already said upfront that money paid we will not refund until SISF in case anything happens (Even for those 5 ppl sharing 1 room)

It is fortunate that we managed to get extra headcount, expecting ppl to squeeze. Becos, now we have ppl pulling out.
Not that i like holding on extra money, but it is not fair when we booked the rooms expecting your head count and you pulled out expecting the rest of us to fork out money to cover your absence. Sad

Some of you have your personal reasons and i did say if we managed to cover the min headcount per room, we will be able to refund you.
But, there have been enquiries abt refund and potentially changing your minds again (Everytime you change, i got to make sure i got the room arrangement right). Shocked

So, i am hereby declaring the official room arrangements (4 to a room based on remaining 28 ppl headcount). Those who say they cannot make it as of this final list posting, we have taken you out. Give me your posb savings account no. I will refund you straight tonight and take it as you never enquire to share rooms. So, it will be a happy ending for all. cheers
We will not entertain any further changing of minds or giving up your place for another fren. It will be a comfortable 4 ppl per room. Laughing

Those remaining, the organisers have retire and will not entertain any further changing of minds. It will be a comfortable 4 ppl per room. If you want to swop rooms or give up your price for another fren, DIY please...
If you suddenly cannot make it, I will leave it to you and your room mates to sort out whether they want to help you cover your chalet costs or you absorb yourself.
Thanks for understanding. Razz

On that day, Those who are coming early, You can meet me at around 2pm to 3pm to collect keys and know our rooms.
Those who are coming later, i will sms you if i have given the keys to your room mates and give you the room number. Arrow

Not in Order...
Room 1
Jasmine / Suzann / Joanne / Charlene (Jasmine's Fren)

Room 2
SensUalFau / Viola / NeuRoss / Bearie
Room 3
Esther / SummerSnow (Charlene - Jann's friend) / Danielle / Vanessa (Taking Dennis' place)

Room 4
Jann / Deoxin / Manta / Nicholas

Room 5
Huhu / JH / Joe Chua / Anindo (Just pay me on that day or your room mates will =p )

Room 6
Henry / Breniel / Phantom / Benny

Room 7
Eddy / Anthony / Steven Teo / JK

Thank you very much! See you!! Let's HAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN!!!
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SISF Chalet Room Arrangements (If you booked under Dan/JH)
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