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 Workshops with Shaka Brown in June! - EN MOTION

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PostSubject: Workshops with Shaka Brown in June! - EN MOTION   Sat May 26, 2007 2:09 am

Dear all,

En Motion is proud to have invited World Renowned Salsa Instructor
hailing from Washington DC, Mr Shaka Brown, to grace our little
island in Singapore

Be assured with plenty of QUALITY and FUN workshops by Mr. Shaka
Brown and his partner Ms Suzanne Swadner!


Details of Workshops, Registration and Parties are as follow

Workshop Schedule

15th June, Fri

Styling with Body Movement(Open for all):
7.30 每 8.30pm

16th June, Sat

Partnerwork & Styling in Bachata(Beginner/Intermediate):
1.00每 2.00pm

On1 Salsa Intermediate Partnerwork :
2.30 每 3.30pm

Open Shines - Beginner/Intermediate(applicable for On1 and On2):
4.00 每 5.00pm

On1 Salsa Advance Partnerwork:
5.30 每 6.30pm

Introduction to Fundamental of On2(Open for all):
7.00 每 8.00pm

17th June, Sun

Open Shines - Advance (Applicable for On1 and On2):
1.00每 2.00pm

On2 Intermediate/Advance Partnerwork:
2.30 每 3.30pm

Cha Cha Cha Beginner/Intermediate Partnerwork:
4.00 每 5.00pm

Interpretation of Music in Dance (Open for all)
*Applicable for Solo and Partnerwork
5.30 每 6.30pm

Fees per Workshop: $35 (member) / $40 (non-member)
Maximum Class Size: 20 pax only

Special Package

3 workshops - $100
5 workshops - $170
7 workshops - $240


88B Tanjong Pagar Road #-03-01
Singapore 088509

For Workshop Registration and Enquiries:

Contact Gary @ 98211744 or email

Welcome and Farewell Party!

Don't Miss SHAKA BROWN & SUZANNE SWADNER's first ever performance in
Singapore at Union Square on the 15th June

More info on parties will be release soon!

More about SHAKA BROWN

Shaka Gonzalez Brown is one of the most sought after individuals in
the Salsa World. From Washington DC, his influence can be recognized
around the globe. With 5 released instructional videos, his "Step-By-
Step" Salsa series has received widespread praise and was even
selected by BPM TV for syndicated broadcast to millions of Canadian
cable viewers.

Shaka is the director of the ClaveKazi Dance Company, one of the
premier Latin dance companies in the world. Performing sell-out
performances in UK, Japan, Poland, Los Angeles, Mexico, and beyond,
the Company has continually delivered original, innovative
choreography that has served as a model to inspire other dance
troupes around the world.

An instructor for over 10 years, Shaka has demonstrated in over 20
countries that dance workshops can be both fun and informative. He
has helped thousands find the dancer within themselves, teaching
turn patterns, spinning, body movement, footwork, musicality and
more with a style that is both engaging, challenging and
educational! Well known for his fluidity, creativity and musicality
on the dance floor, he*s often been seen dancing at any event till
closing time (and often beyond!) A partner in, he is also
the organizer of the Washington DC Salsa Congress, held in June of
every year since 2005. You can find out more about Shaka by visiting

More info can be found on

May we dance forever...

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PostSubject: Re: Workshops with Shaka Brown in June! - EN MOTION   Sun May 27, 2007 3:41 am

Hi All,

I think there are very limited slots available now... if you are keen, you have to act fast Smile I signed up for the below 2 session and some of them signed up more... im sure you get to see familiar faces when you are there so dont hesitate too much Razz

16th June, Sat

Partnerwork & Styling in Bachata(Beginner/Intermediate):
1.00每 2.00pm

On1 Salsa Intermediate Partnerwork :
2.30 每 3.30pm
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PostSubject: Re: Workshops with Shaka Brown in June! - EN MOTION   Mon May 28, 2007 3:18 am

Thank you Chrissy!

Anyway,just an update on the workshops wif Shaka Brown, as of 25th May Friday, our FIRST DAY OF REGISTRATION, 3 classes, Styling with Body Movement, Partnerwork and styling with Bachata, On1 Salsa Intermediate Partnerwork are already FULL. Would like to thank all who have supported tis event.

For anyone who are interested, you may still sign up with us on the waiting list. We are considering opening another class if there are enuff ppl.

There are limited slots left for Beg/int Shines and Adv shines. And these 2 classes are strongly recommended as Shaka is very well known for his famous smooth body and legs movement even with the simplest step. And his breakdown for the moves are really detailed.

Another class to recommend will be the Introduction to On2 class. As On2 Salsa dancing is revolutionizing the entire world salsa scene, major Salsa cities in US, Aus, Jap, Korea, Europe are all and already switched from On1 to On2, it will be an eye opener for many to understand what is the craze and charm of On2 Salsa and oso to keep in the trend with the On2 revolution. (u might travel to other places n find that nobody dances On1 anymore...sob sob for the nite)
It is open for anyone who wish to try On2 dancing, and you will learn from the true blue new york style On2 dancer.

Other workshops that are filling fast are On1 advance partnerwork, for people who wanna learn something really interesting, trust me, his turn patterns are something u never see b4 =)

Cha Cha Cha beg/int for people who wanna have a further taste of Cha Cha, his Cha Cha moves are really fun and applicable.

Lastly, Interpretation of music in dance (solo/partnerwork) you will learn how to connect your body movement with the music and also partnerwork styling with musicality. I specially requested this workshop from him as this is one of his trademark =)

Thanks for the support for those who have signed up for this event by us! As it is really costly to invite someone like him to come, dun miss tis opportunity to learn from him =)

Sign up with us fast before the rest of the slots are taken. TATA

Parties schedule will be out soon as well =)

may we dance forever...
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PostSubject: Re: Workshops with Shaka Brown in June! - EN MOTION   

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Workshops with Shaka Brown in June! - EN MOTION
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