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PostSubject: EN MOTION DANCER COURSE with SOL   EN MOTION DANCER COURSE with SOL Icon_minitimeFri Feb 01, 2008 1:36 pm

Remember the man who oozed irresistible charm and flair on the dance floor in Union Square last September? The man who drew people’s gazes as he danced with beauty and strength?

SOL is back

Now, you will get the chance to be train by one of the best professional dancer in our

· Are you interested in honing your dancing skills to a higher, more professional level?

· Do you aspire to perform on stage at an International Salsa Congress or any Nationwide Dance performances? This is your opportunity!

We are proud to have invited Sol to be our chief trainer for this exciting 2-week six hours course for anyone who aspires to be a better and more complete dancer in Salsa and other types of performing dances. Besides refining one’s skill, participants of the course can choose to attend the Dance Audition for En Motion Performance Team and join us as our future performance team stars after the course. Details as below:


The Popular EN MOTION DANCER COURSE is BACK! A fully booked class with 4-star ratings from Salsasingapore last year, En Motion Dance School will once again be bringing you a series of exciting classes, Comprising of 6-hours workshops over 2 sessions, these workshops aim to groom you into a better and more complete dancer.

What will be covered for this 2-week course?

Stretching and Flexibility Enhancement (Warm up before class)

Sol will be introducing a set of professional stretching movements and exercises that will enhance one’s flexibility in dancing. These exercises are something you can bring back with you for your personal practice and it will have a long lasting effect on how you project your bodyline and enhance your body expression when dancing

Week 1

i) Body Isolation Techniques

ii) Styling and Showmanship with Precision and Control

iii) Interpretation of Music and Shines

Famed for his body movements in dance, learn how to control and use your body to create smoother and unique movements while dancing.

Mesmerized by Sol’s sharp and precise body movements? You will be introduced to different ways of controlling your body muscles to create precision and sharpness while displaying your styling and showmanship during dancing

Lastly, learn how to interpret music structure in a song, and create different style of shines with complement the mood of the music.

Week 2

i) Spins and Turns Technique

ii) Leading and Following Techniques with Partnerwork

iii) Lifts, Dips and Tricks

Sol will be bringing to you techniques from his various dance background in Ballet and other dances to show you how you can improve your spins and turns

Leading and Following techniques for various types of partnerwork will also be explained and shared with the class to improve and work on possible flaws in men’s lead and ladies’ following

Lastly, Gary, Artistic Director of En Motion Dance School will close the 2 week with a series of simple and interesting lifts, dips and tricks.

Other Special Dance Courses with SOL

Beside the Dancer Course, SOL is going to bring us not just one-off workshops, but a series of Courses where he will dedicate more time and go in greater depth during the courses to share with his knowledge with students in the class.

1) Bachata set A & B

2 different sets of Bachata Courses over a span of two weeks (3 hours each) aiming to launch new ideas for this sensual dance as SOL infuses more new dance moves from Jazz, Tango. He will also be introducing sensual Bachata styling for Ladies and more interesting lead & tricks for the gentlemen to perform on the dance floor!

2) Afro-Caribbean Dance Moves

Trained in Brazil with some of the finest professional African Dancers. SOL will be introducing the roots and history of the dances with a detailed breakdown of body movement execution for Afro Dances. This is a MUST JOIN class!

3) On 1 Partnerwork with Men & Ladies Styling

Ever wondered how those stylish partnerwork moves are executed on the dance floor? Now you have the chance to learn from non other than Sol himself. Don’t miss this opportunity to pick out some interesting patterns as well as Men & Ladies styling incorporated in the moves.


Wed, 5 & 12 Mar 8 pm – 9.30 pm : Bachata A (Intermediate)

Thur, 6 & 13 Mar 8 pm – 9.30 pm : Bachata B (Intermediate)

Sat, 8 & 15 Mar 6 pm – 7.30 pm : Afro-Caribbean Dance Moves (Open Class)

7.30 pm – 9 pm : On1 Partner work with Men & Ladies Styling (Intermediate)

Sun, 9 & 16 Mar 2 pm – 5 pm : EN MOTION DANCER COURSE (Open Class)


Per Course: $70

EN MOTION Dancer Course: $150


Sign up for more classes to enjoy great discounts!

Sign up for Any 2 courses for $130

Sign up for Any 3 courses for $190

Sign up for Any 4 courses for $260

Sign up for EN MOTION DANCER COURSE for only $130 with at least a sign up from any courses.

Members of Dance En Motion will receive a further 10% discount OFF all classes and packages

For further queries, registration or private class, please contact:

Catherine ( / 9694 0647)

More about SOL

An extremely competent ballet dancer, he performed with Busan Contemporary Ballet Company for 2 years. In his pursuit to ever improve himself, his love for dance brought him to study Afro Dance, Samba and Capoeira in “Danca Do Bahia”, Brazil and Tango in the national tango school in Buenos Aires. These experiences have added to his strong background in dance which has translated to him being a captivating dancer, teacher and performer, be it on the dance floor or on stage.

The winner of the salsa competition in Taupo Latin Festival, he was invited to choreographed and performed for World Cup 2002 Festival and Salsa congresses in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

By infusing elements from various forms of dance into his salsa, he never fails to innovate and surprise while remaining true to the Afro spirit in Salsa. He is a dancer and teacher not to be missed!

Audition – En Motion Dance Performance Team

En Motion Performance Team is conducting an audition for dancers who are interested in being trained for performances in upcoming International Salsa Congresses, Nationwide performances etc. Though not a requirement, participants are STRONGLY encouraged to take up the Dancer Training Course.
Audition criteria consists of showmanship, creativity, style and presence.

The details of the audition are as follows:

Audition for En Motion Dance Performance Team
Date: 23rd March 07, Sunday
Time: 12.30pm – 2pm or 2.30 – 4pm

*Please make prior reservations with us on which slots to attend. No walk-ins will be entertained.

Email: for registration or further details
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